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Mob Hookah

MOB LASER Hookah 25”

MOB LASER Hookah 25”

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The newest high-tech hookah in the market is a showstopper, radiating a laser beam that is able to shoot up to 3 miles in the sky! Equipped with awesome color changing LED lights in a variety of 7 luminescent colors.

The device can hold a charge for several hours, delivering lasers and led lights whether plugged in or on-the-go. This hookah is top of the line featuring a heat management bowl and a cool purge system directly through the sides of the device. The Laser Hookah measures roughly 24” tall, making it both portable and functionable in size. Whether enjoying for personal use at home or updating your hookah lounge with the latest technology, the Laser Hookah can blow away any hookah fanatic.

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