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Hookah Plugs

Starbuzz SB-H1 Hookah Set

Starbuzz SB-H1 Hookah Set

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The Starbuzz SB-H1 Hookah Set is the perfect addition to any hookah enthusiast's collection. With its sleek design and durable materials, this hookah set is built to last. The set includes everything you need to get started. The complete set includes:

  • SB-H1 Hookah Stem
  • Hookah Hose
  • Glass Base
  • Hookah Bowl
  • Tongs
  • Grommet

The stem is made of high-quality aluminum , while the hose is made of a soft, flexible material that is comfortable to hold. The base is made of sturdy glass, and the bowl is made of clay, ensuring that you get the best possible smoke. Whether you're new to hookah or an experienced pro, the Starbuzz SB-H1 Hookah Set is sure to provide you with a smooth, enjoyable smoking experience.

*Must be 21+ to purchase this product.
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